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Does anybody know if it is possible to play a blu ray disc over the network on my htpc, whereas the blu ray drive is installed in another pc? I've tried sharing the blu ray drive on the other pc and mapping it as a network drive on the htpc and playing from there in PowerDVD or MPC-HC, but it doesn't work, probably because of the copy protection on these discs. I hope it will be possible without first converting the blu ray disc to an .iso and then mounting it with daemon tools over the network, as this will take a lot of time every time you'd like to watch a disc. As always, the illegal copying ways are much easier than the legal "disc watching" ways :D.


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yes you can play them over the network i have all my bluray films on one server in iso and mount them in daemon tools on the htpc. I dont know about playing from the disc on another pc as only my main rig has a bluray drive have you tried mapping the drive on your htpc and trying it like that?


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AFAIK, the only way you could do this would be with iscsi!

Depending on the version, Windows either has a built-in initiator, or else you can download it for free from Microsoft.
Then you need iscsi target software - Starwind is probably the best option here - I believe you can get a one target restricted non commercial version for free (however I believe the restrictions don't affect CD/DVD/BD drive sharing).

Basically, iscsi is "scsi over the network" - so an iscsi target appears to the iscsi initiator's OS as a local device, the same as if it were directly connected to that system.

You might need a Gigabit network though - Bluray's peak throughput is 54Mbps raw - once you add the ethernet/TCPIP/iscsi protocol overheads, you might be getting uncomfortably close to what even good 100Mbps networks can deliver (and consumer grade network cards/switches etc can sometimes fall a tad short of that) - though I suppose a "try it and see" approach is easy enough here if you don't have gigabit capability!

While I've used iscsi before with good results, I haven't used it for the specific purpose of Bluray disc sharing - whether AACS or BD+ (Bluray's copy protection schemes) or even the Bluray playback software, have some means of detecting whether a drive is physically connected or virtual, I'm not sure - again, try it and see (it won't cost anything but a bit of play time)!


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This seems like a good idea.

If you try it out keep us posted on the results. Altough I don't have BD player in the main PC as yet, prices are coming down and it gives a bit more flexibility when the wife is watching 'Britain's got no Talent'


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I saw this post as was trying to do the same thing as don't wanna be buying a load of storage space to store my blu-rays on. I tryed to get MikeK's version to work but failed but thats me and my lack of knowledge with the application. But in my attempt and being stubborn I tryed slysoft AnyDVD HD and it worked!!! :thumbsup:

Installed it onto the computer my BLU-RAY drive was on and it removes the copy protection so you can play through the network.

Only problem is it stutters a bit and is quite annoying but that could be the computer im trying to play it on as is a lot older than my good newer one :). Or it coud be the speed my network is I do have cabled 100Mbps but maybe will need 1000Mbps. If anyone has tryed this way or has any idea's that would I would be greatful :D.

Am only using trial version of this software at the moment as looking up prices it probably costs about as much as a new BLU-RAY drive for the computer anyway. But it really depends on what your setup is or what you want to do with it.
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I actually tried doing this exact thing last night, wanted to watch one of my blurays i havent archived yet...had exactly the same problem as you, but over Gigabit wired. :(

Can't see why to be honest...when ripped -- Perfect!

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