Playing audio from a Synology DS411


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I'm looking at buying an amp to play music from my Synology DS411, via its "Audio Station" application.

I'm not an audiophile, and I'm a little unsure of what I need to achieve this.

On their website, Synology state that
Without installing additional media player software, you can conveniently play music on Audio Station using the compact music player. Play and listen to music simultaneously from a web browser (streaming mode), USB speakers (USB mode) or via a media renderer. Streaming mode supports playing music in MP3 or M4A format, and internet radios in MP3 format.
A "media renderer" is something new to me. What I'm trying to find out is if this Denon unit would suffice as the media renderer.

The webpage for that unit mentions
The connection features digital audio signal handling, which routes the digital signal to the D-M38’s 24 bit/192 kHz audiophile quality D/A converters for optimum fidelity. The USB port can also be used with portable drives, and is also MP3 and WMA compatible.
Does this mean that I can connect my DS411 directly into the unit and have the unit act as the media renderer, or is the media renderer another device that I would still need in the path?


Short answer - no will not work.

USB on the denon supports i-things and USB portable drives. Compatible formats are:
USB-compatible file systems “FAT16” or “FAT32”
• If the USB memory device is divided into multiple partitions, only
the top drive can be selected.

A media renderer is a software app on a PC/MAC. Their app is a web based interface so you would need a PC/MAC to access.

You could plug an i-thing into the denon and use i-tunes to stream from the Synology to the i-thing onto the Denon.


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Thanks larkone.

I'm a bit disappointed. Although I do have an iPad, it seems wasteful to stream it from the Synology box to the iPad, and then stream it from there back to something like an Airport Express, and connect that to the amp.

The Synology website says
From now on, you can listen to the music stored on the DiskStation from anywhere by your iPod, Internet radio, and other UPnP/DLNA media servers.
Audiophiles who are passionate for sound quality can easily break free from the limitations of USB speakers by bridging a supported USB audio adapter between the Synology DiskStation and Hi-Fi speakers. Synology Remote (by option) allows you to enjoy music and switch between songs without being near the computer.

So what would this USB audio adapter be?

Does the fact that it has DLNA settings not help at all?


You could stream from the Synology to the AE directly over you network and connect it to the Denon. You would just use the ipad as a remote controller. Though the AE doesn't have a great DAC it will work.

Did a search on their site and came up with this.
What USB speakers does Synology prod... - FAQ - Synology Inc. Network Attached Storage - NEW NAS Experience
Limited kit and not very hifi. If you follow the link to the wiki it lists a few DACs that are tested to work and this would be a very good option. Just plug the analogue out into the Denon and remote control it from your iPad. Cheapest is the Berhinger at around £20 to some very expensive items. Good midway options would be the HRT Streamer II (£150) or the MF V-DAC II (£200)

DLNA needs a device at the receiving end to decode - the Denon Dm38dab doesn't have that feature.


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Thanks again for your efforts.

I've just now ordered a Behringer DAC from Ebay (£15).

Yeah... it is the cheapest option I could possibly have gone for, but given that I also have yet to buy the amp and speakers, and considering the time of year... My plan is to get accustomed to the setup, then sometime next year probably keep an eye out for a better DAC.

Thanks again, larkone.


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Call me naive.. possibly even ignorant...

I've just realised that instead of a standard amp, such as that I sent the URL for in an earlier post, I could buy an amp which has a DLNA receiver built-in.

In that case, does the amp/receiver have some sort of file system browser built in? Would this be similar to browsing, say, iTunes or any other music library, while perhaps only being able to see one folder/file at a time?

And would I be right in thinking that if I had a DLNA receiver amp then I could connect direct to the Synology box via USB or newtork cable?


try this video from pioneer

Though I think most DLNA receivers are AV surround amps which unless you actually need an AV amp is a bit of an overkill and there are very few AV amps that are good for music without spending a lot of money - Arcam etc.

Though I am not sure what the problem is as you have the server (DS411), you have a DAC (UCA202) that connects to the server, the Denon will be connected to the DAC and you can control the whole lot remotely from your ipad - what else are you trying to achieve?


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what else are you trying to achieve?
I suppose it would be great if I didn't need to use the iPad or my laptop - if I could control the music directly from the amp itself.

From the un-thorough search that I've undertaken, it looks as if the DLNA receiver amps are about 50% more expensive than the non-DLNA counterparts. For example, the lowest-priced Pioneer DLNA amp is 50% more than the Denon amp I referenced earlier (based on the current price in Richer Sounds).

there are very few AV amps that are good for music without spending a lot of money
That's probably the kind of advice I was hoping for, and probably enough for me to make a decision.

Thanks again, larkone.


To not use the ipad or laptop you should look at the Logitech Duet or some other network media device but again that is pushing the price up.

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