Playing an ipod on a Roksan Kandy K2 through monitor audio RS 6 speakers.


What is the best way to play an ipod through an OK separates system (I can hear teeth being sucked as I type!)? 128kbs sounded awful, and apple lossless sounds much better (but its roomy) however the volume appears much lower - and I need to turn the dial 1/4 more to match cd volume. I am using a straight cheapo cable from the headphone socket to an aux plug in the amp. Has any one got top tips for this - thoughts on cables, docking stations, compression etc?

Monitor Audio RS6, Roksan Kandy K2 amp and cd.


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sidlb Wrote:
I am using a straight cheapo cable from the headphone socket to an aux plug in the amp. Has any one got top tips for this - thoughts on cables, docking stations, compression etc?

Hi sidlb: The trouble with this statement is the bit about plugging into the headphone output of the IPod. The first thing you MUST do is to get an IPod dock that gives you access to the fixed line level output via the slotted plug at the bottom of the IPod. Doing it this way will give you a far superior sound. Only after doing this should you mess about with different cables.

Using an IPod dock is how I run my 40 Gig - 4Th generation “clickwheel” IPod through my HiFi and I get pretty good results using MP3 files encoded at 256Kbps. On the subject of docking stations, I use the standard apple dock that came with my IPod but I believe most generic docks should be OK as long as the dock outputs the Line level fixed output and bypasses the IPods volume controller and inbuilt headphone amplification circuitry.

By doing it this way the IPod can actually make for a very good, as well as portable music server.

Hope this helps

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As LPspinner says, 'get a dock'. I play my 4G ipod thru my Roksan Kandy with Dynaudio speakers and it's better than passable. I use a 160 kbs rate and it's roomy enough to identify individual instruments but no match for a proper CD player.

Therefore ipod for background music/casual listening and CD player for real listening :thumbsup:


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Hey Everyone,

I'm new here and this is my first official post. Lots of great info and advice here at AVForums. Thanks to everyone out there posting! It was this site that pushed me towards my first set if B&W 685's. They're about 2 months old now and I love them do death. My last stereo was a inexpensive Panasonic, so the upgrade was significant.

Anyway, On the topic of iPod connectivity to your source....

I've been using the Apple Universal Dock with the mono-to RCA cable for several years until just recently upgrading to the Apple Composite A/V cable. Let me just say...WOW! The sound quality of the Composite A/V cable was significantly better than the Belkin Cable/iPod dock i'd been using before. I'd recommend you check this out as another solution for iPod hook-up. You'll be very happy you did. Just keep in mind that this cable only works with the newer Universal Docks that have the tiny Infa-Red remote slit on the front. The older, non-compatible versions had a small round IR pickup.
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Yeah follow the advice and get a docking station or use an xobx 360 or a playstation 3, (attaching the mp3 via usb) as as at the moment you are trying to eek sound through the headphone socket and that is why it sounds awful

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