playing a video player through sony vpl-hs2


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hi there.
thick question i know,but i was wondering if someone can tell me if it's possible to play a video player through a projector?
i would check myself only i haven't got a video player and i'm enquiring because the person that wishes to buy my pj is intending to use it with a video player.
any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Yes. Any domestic video source, TV, VCR, Satelite, Freeview, DVD, games console etc, will work fine.
That's why so many of us here use projectors. They just become bloody great big TV monitors without the inbuilt tuner and speakers.

However, they don't have scart sockets, so if that's all the Video player has on the back you might need to get a special cable or scart converter. They aren't that expensive though.


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should be no problem finalising a sale of my pj then.
was a little worried as the guy is bringing a video player with him tomorrow to try it out.
it was the only worry he had regarding purchasing the pj.
many thanks

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