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Hi all,

I hope someone could help me....

I have a laptop with:-
Quadro NVS350M 256meg (179.24 drivers)
2gig memory

Windows XP (SP2)
CoreAVC 1.8.5
Haali Media Splitter
Media Player Classic (using Haali renderer)

AV Equipment
Pioneer KRP500A plasma (set to Pure mode and auto color space)
DVI to HDMI into KRP500A from laptop

Video Files
Mainly 720p and 1080p mkv videos

I am getting really confused with all the settings and what to do with them. Currently I have:-

Nvidia driver
Video color settings --> use player settings

I have output formats order of preference (default setting)

Input levels and output levels on autodetect
deinterlacing - single field
deblocking - standard
aggresive interlacing - ticked

Haali media renderer
Buffers 96M
Frames 96
YUV Colorspace Auto
Luma Range PC (0-255)

Just wondering are these settings okay? Is there anything I should change or use? The picture quality looks ok but maybe it could be better? I sometimes get a bit of a tearing/jumping on the screen. Looking at the stats I am getting around 4ms jitter.

I hear a lot of talk to use RGB ---> should I change the priority of RGB32 to the highest in CoreAVC?

Refresh rates?

Many thanks for your help.....
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