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Want to get my parents a Blu-ray player for Christmas as they've had an HDTV for a while and I've got them into the habit of buying Blu Rays w/the DVD included so they don't have to re-buy things down the line but can still watch stuff on DVD.

Looking at spending something like £50-100, although I was thinking more the upper end of that, don't care if it's an older non-3D model as they won't ever use it. Main thing is, as ever, picture quality, upscaling quality, reasonable loading times and I suppose not being noisy.

Anything in particular on offer or one to look out for? For under £100 I've seen the Panny DMP-BDT110 and Sony BDP S380, with the former being 3D capable so I'm not sure how much that's adding to the cost compared to the Sony.



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If you look down the thread lists you will see some feedback on the Onn player from Asda. Only £40- I picked one up last week and very happy with it. Has al the basic features and picture (to my eyes) looks great on an 8ft projector screen. Recommended


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Sony and pannasonic players have better firmware updates which is worth spending a little more for IMHO.

The panasonic dmp bdt75 may actually meet your needs and was a few £'s cheaper than the sony s380. There is also the sony bdp s185 released recently, similar to the s380 minus some media playing abilities. The panny 110 just adds 3d to the panny 75.

Overall sony's tend to have better dvd upscaling but your tv may already do a good job of this.

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