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Hello! New to this forum, and new to Virgin. It was installed this week. We've been so used to watching DVDs that we didn't take notice of how to get back to Virgin after watching a DVD...

We have an LG TV and DVD player, and after I have turned on the power for the TV and the Virgin box, nothing happens, it's just a black screen and either says 'no signal', or 'not programmed'.

It said this before when the guy installed Virgin, and all I had to do was press 'Home' on my Virgin remote and it took me to the main menu page. But now when I do this nothing changes on the screen, it just stays black - like Virgin is not working, but I think maybe it's something I have to press on my TV remote...

Any ideas?

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Have you cycled through the av channels .....hdmi 1, 2 and so on?

Is there power to your cable box?
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You might want to consider a multi-remote to make life easier. I have the Logitech Harmony 700 which controls my Tivo perfectly but I'm sure there are many others that work just as well.

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