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Playbase and Play 1s or better options


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Moving home within the next few months and would like a proper sound system to accompany my TV (JS9000). Having done very little research I'm thinking get a playbase,and dot Play 1s about the house?

Does this offer the best value for money and ease of use or is there a better/cheaper combination to work with Spotify/Apple Music and provide good punchy sound to accompany the TV?

Joe Fernand

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SONOS, Yamaha (MusicCast) and Denon/Marantz (HeoS) are all worth considering - you may end up with a one brand solution or you could end up with a combination of SONOS + something else.

Yamaha and Denon/Marantz likely offer you more options in your AV/TV room if you do want a 'proper' surround sound experience and have the room, room layout, budget and space/decor too allow you to install a more conventional AVR + Speaker combination.

For multi-room audio SONOS is still hard to match as a simple to operate system.


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