Playback problems with WMV-HD

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    Problem with WMV playback (using either standard WMV files or WMV-HD). When Windows Media player 10 is maximised to full screen (Alt+Enter) banded lines occur at even intervals along the screen and worse at the edges.

    Please see for an example pic, although to doesn't really emphasis the scale of the problem (You can't take screen captures of WMV-HD files, so this photo was taken using a digital camera).

    Disabling all DirectDraw and DirectX acceleration removes this problem - so it is definately a DirectDraw or DirectX problem, I don't believe the graphic card itself is faulty because I've played DVD's on Media Player without error.

    When running in windowed mode there are no problems with the full hardware acceleration enabled.

    To the best of my knowledge this problem only affects the playback of wmv files at full screen.

    Any ideas?!



    Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce 6800 GV-N68128DH with SilentPipe
    Driver Ver : 66.95
    Motherboard Brand : Leadtek
    Model : WinFast K7nCR18D (NForce2)
    Operation System : Win XP SP : 2
    Athlon XP 2600+
    1Gig Memory
    Direct X 9.0c
    Windows Media player 10
    Nvidia Forceware 66.95
    Dell 2005FPW at 1680 x 1080 resolution with 60Hz refresh rate attached via DVI
    Nvidia DVD decoder v1.00.67 Trial

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