playback problems - pixelation, distortion etc



I hope someone can help me.
I have my ps3 hooked up to my lg 27" hdtv and it looks great when playing games but when I out on any blu rays or downloaded bl trailers, dark screens and shadows appear pixelated and distorted. There is a general grainy appearance to it all but dark colours are worst affected.
My ps3 appears to be set up right having read the other threads and when I watch Casino Royale for example, the intro video compilation of available blu rays looks amazing but the actual film is grainy.
Can anyone help as this lack of quality is v.frustrating!!
Cheers ;)


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I have noticed the same thing - When playing Blu-Ray's on my PS3...

It turns out that the Blu-Ray films I was using... are just poor quality..!

Indiana Jones

If you are getting pixelation and distortion then it sounds like a faulty cable.

As for the grain, im afraid that is one of the drawbacks of HD, it makes things like grain more pronounced so whereas you might not have noticed it as much in SD, in HD it will be far more apparent.

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