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I have always used Play for all my dvds and have recieved all of them within a few days of posting. However i am waiting for 2 reg 1 orders and 1 reg 2 order that were posted 10 days ago. I have used them for many years and this is the first time this has happened. Anyone else experiencing delays like me:confused:
Break this down a bit - Play have already posted them - how is this THEIR fault?

Surely its in the hands of the post office now? Am I missing something??
yes, im not having a go at PLAY. I am asking if anyone else is having delays. I did forget that about 6 months ago 2 dvds never arrived. After the 14 days wait I told them and it turns out the dvds hadnt been released yet but play had charged my card and said they had posted them!!! They sorted this out right away for me and I was very pleased. All Im asking is has anyone else had delays with them recently. BLIMEY, keep ya knickers on
No delays here!
Sounds like they've got 'lost' in the post. This has happened a number of times to me.

To be fair to Play they have always replaced the missing discs, no cost no hassle, so I can't fault them for that, but it is very annoying that my postman must have a DVD copllection that rivals mine (allegedly)!!!
Stuff from Play usually gets to me in SE England in 2-3days & apart from one which never arrived I have never had a problem
For that reason if their price is within £1 of anyone else I always use them!
HTH - Paul ;)
Someone who works for play posted on another forum that they'd had a load of stuff stolen by postmen en route recently so maybe thats affecting delivery times as they are more careful with tracking/logging whats posted where.
thanks for the input guys. My reg 1 Dawn of the Dead from play usa landed in 3 days. the other 2 were posted over a week ago and nothing has arrived. its nearly 2 weeks since my reg 2 disc was posted and that aint arrived either. Ill wait till the 14 days are up then contact them.

Do the Post Office or the Cops do anything about the thieving Postmen? This seems to be going on all the time !
If items regularly go missing, I'd be sure to let Royal Mail know. If numerous people on the same route complain, then it'd be fairly easy to track down the guilty parties.

EDIT: Also, it's not necessarily the posties. It could be anyone along the distribution line, including someone at Play's despatch.
I currently have 3 oustanding discs with play. One has been outstanding for 4 weeks, probably lost/stolen. They have sent the replacement and another order and I've been waiting for both since 01/03. Not a long time to wait but their stuff usually turns up in 2-3 days.
usually arrives within 3 days of them saying they've posted it (but slightly longer for their region 1 discs even though coming from same dispatch).
only had problem with non arrival once (have been using them for years now) and they replaced the missing cd asap.

Overall excellent service - on a par with amazon (their book dispatch) if not better

(no i don't work for them :) )
You could order a dvd from play, have it not turn up after 14 days, order another one and have it land through your postbox after another 14 days and it will still beat splash by a couple of months.
I had a lot of grief before christmas, I reckon theres an awful lot of people out there who received stolen DVD's or CD's over christmas. I had 3 shipments go missing. Also, some very slow deliveries and even one envelope delivered which was ripped to bits with nothing in it.... (It was in a clear plastic bag from the post office with a note saying something along the lines of "Erm, it looks like your parcel got damaged, please contact us to tell us if anything is missing...)

But on all occassions Play have replaced the items with no quibble, including the empty envelope, they said that the correct route for that item would be to go back through the post office, but admitted I'd probably get no joy out of them so they offered to replace it anyway. The only problem I do have with play is that there customer service people dont always pay attention to what you ask them, eg. Disc not turned up, had to buy it from a retailer now, can I have a refund... Yes sir, we'll send another one out immediately!!! :eek:)

I think there are some serious problems with the post office lately tho, Ive been waiting for all kinds of small packaged for unreasonable amounts of time (ebay and other retailers) and in all cases, the sender has confirmed that they were posted first class. I even had a small car part sent through special delivery recently (next day by noon) and it took two days... Good job I ordered it a day early is all I can say!

So to sum up, I don't think it's Play's fault, I think the post office have reached new heights in crap service.

BTW, I do think Play could do something to prevent openly advertising what the package is though, dont you?
the post service in the UK is awful!
Originally posted by bardel
BTW, I do think Play could do something to prevent openly advertising what the package is though, dont you?

Seems the easiest option. Not only does it openly state on the packet that it is a DVD but it gives the value as well. How silly is that? :eek:
Not as bad as DVD Soon, who put the DVD Title on the package! :eek: Why??

Anyway, although I've not had a problem specifically with Play, I have noticed the post from Canada and the US is taking longer these days. Maybe it the tightening up at HMCE which is causing the slowdown? Doesn't account for missing items though.

Play always used to send everything Recorded Delivery, which was much better, in my opinion, as there was far less risk of your DVD getting pinched along the way. Obviously they stopped to try to cut overheads, but I wonder if they have balanced the savings from not using Recorded Delivery, with having to resend missing orders?
Still waiting for a DVD from Play posted on the 26th, DVDs from DVDSoon were dispatched later and arrived last week - :rolleyes:
I've had two DVD's from Play go missing recently. Once you've waited 2 weeks, they're always very good at resending them, though.
Quite contrary, I have noticed an improvement of their service. Usually it got 7-10 days get your order (to Finland), but in a past few weeks I have received my order usually in 3-4 days :clap:

Your postal service must suck. :rotfl:
I keep defending Play whenever this topic arises and will continue to do so.

I order 5 titles from on Saturday morning and every one of them landed on my doormat this morning.

Play's service is terrific. The postal service are more than likely the ones to blame for slow delivery.
The Postal service is being downgraded, 2nd post is being dispanded, here's a reply I recieved from Royal Mail when I asked why the post has been turning up so late lately:

"As part of Royal Mail's ongoing restructuring,
single daily deliveries have been introduced as
a more efficient and cost effective delivery service,
for both Royal Mail and our customers.

We operate a clear office policy; therefore all
mail has to be delivered the same day as it is received
by the Delivery Office, this has led to the introduction
of single deliveries.

Prior to the single deliveries being introduced the
Delivery Officers would sort half of the mail and would
go out on their first delivery. They would then return
to the Delivery Office to sort the remaining mail and
would deliver this on the second delivery.

Now that the single delivery has begun, the Delivery
Officer sorts all mail in one session. This has led to
the time taken to sort the mail prior to delivery increasing,
which in turn means that the delivery times will now
take place at a later time than before.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may
cause you, however this is a new policy that
has been agreed by Royal Mail and our regulator,

This is terrible news for all Royal Mail customers, what happens with all the signed for deliveries such as Recorded, no one will be in when they deliver unless they are on holiday or it's the weekend!!

Also a DVD I ordered from Movietyme took a little longer than usual and when it turned up it had 2nd class stamps all over Movietymes pre-paid first class stamp!! Obviously they sent it to the wrong part of the country and had to then mail it onto me.
I'm also getting late post lately, turns up about 11am, used to be 08.30... very inconvenient.
ok dudes. heres the latest. My 2 reg 1 dvds turned up. Turns out Customs had them. Now, My reg 2 dvd didnt turn up after 14 days so I e mailed play and my card was refunded the same day. HOWEVER. On my account it says "posted", but this dvd was never in stock as it was withdrawn. (Last Bullet). This is what happend with a previous dvd and play. they said it was posted and my card was charged but it turns out they didnt even have the dvd in stock. Anyway, all has been resolved and as usual Play have lived up to the high standards of service I have always recieved from them. alls well that ends well eh. i since picked up the dvd from e bay

I order a Gamecube game from them on Tuesday, it wasent released until today but they posted it first thing wednesday and I recieved it today.

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