Play usb stick on PA system


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I find it sometimes convenient to play music from a USB stick which is possible on many systems.
However I would like to be able to do this through a PA system. I have only seen a few crappy amplifiers offering this option so I wonder if anyone know about a small player with USB input and RCA or other output to plug into a powered mixer?


Any available laptop? Even something old with a low powered CPU would do the trick.



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Thanks but that's not convenient at all I think.
Then a regular CD/DVD player with USB port is much easier. I just want it to be even smaller. Just a small device with small screen and USB port to insert a stick. No battery but with regular cable as most CD/DVD players.

I will have the PA in my gym at home (otherwise use it for events) but I don't want to mess with computers or DJ gear to play songs. ;)

Glen B

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Pro-Ject Media Box S digital music file player, $252.00 at Audio Advisor. Has USB and SD card inputs, RCA analog and coax digital outputs.
Pro-Ject - Media Box S - Digital Music File Player-Audio Advisor


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Sadly price is over 400us where I am.
That's more than many stereo systems with speakers (no good brands but anyways) which also can play from USB.
Would prefer a less hyped product sound quality in this case is not very important cause
1, I'll have it while in the gym
2, I'll be using a PA system

But still love the concept otherwise.

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