Play PS3 games on your PSP!!?


Take a look at this...

Assuming thats not fake thats an amazing use of Remote Play.

Although the lack of two analogue sticks will limit it a bit theres loads of PSN games that would work fine.

Presumably the PSP is just playing back video so it would be capable of much better gfx than normal. :clap:


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Nice! :smashin: If it's real!


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Jut works for Lair from what ive read on the net, and controls aren't fully mapped, so basic controls only. Looks like a great additional feature of the ps3!:thumbsup:


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A while back there was talk of attaching a psp to a sixaxis controller...if that comes to fruition then perfect!!!


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Games like Virtua Fighter 5 and others that use minimal buttons and no secondry shoulder buttons would be cool, bar that gameplay wise, the game would be crippled without full controls.

I'd prefer to have the PSP encorporated into a PS3 game, button mapping et all and use the screen also. For example the maps on RE or rear view mirror on racing games, now that would be awesome.

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