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Anyone had their copy of Oceans 11 yet from Play? Order mine about 1 month ago, but still showing as Order Placed when viewing My Account. Waiting to hear back from them as to whether or not there is a problem.


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Sounds like there's something wrong. Give them a call, that order placed flag stays there even when there's a problem e.g. if there is a problem with authorising your card. Alternatively cancel the order and reorder it


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I've cancelled it. Did originally have trouble with the card as it had expired. Thought I'd changed the details, but after checking the info held the old exp date was still showing. Just tried to change again, and seems as if all went ok, but when then viewing again the old details were still present???

Oh well, order now cancelled, and I'll pay a visit to MVC down the road and pay the extra quid for it.


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So what's the point in retailers insisting on an email address if when there is a problem they dont chase it up?



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God knows?? Did have an e-mail from them originally as the card registered had expired. As I said in my earlier note, changed this ( or at least I thought I did), and then e-mailed customer services back telling them that the details had been changed. Not heard anything since, until I contacted them yesterday asking them if there was a problem. Still waiting for an exact answer, as all I got was that the order had now been cancelled...even though in my note I told them this, and the reason why!


Got mine yesterday from there and only ordered it a couple of days ago

Not to put you off - but I wouldn't bother, I switched it off half way through and sold it at work today - It was truely awful!


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