Play-fi soundbar, speakers and atmos/dts-x question


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Hey guys, complete noob here, go easy on me :D
Been reading the forum for the past few days and I've decided to go with a cheaper tv and invest in a better sound system instead.

I'd really like a soundbar. I've never owned one and I feel I need one in my life haha. I'm also a tech nerd first and foremost which complicates things and I'm hoping the good people here can help with that. Multi room wifi, bluetooth aptx and hi-res support are a must, airplay is a nice bonus but not a deciding factor. I hate propriatery tech with a passion (I almost went with Denon HEOS before I heard about play-fi), so all those propriatery mesh network products are out of the picture, which would leave me with play-fi. I've honestly never heard of it till now, even though I've known about and wanted a multi room system for years now. That said, it seems to have made significant strides over the years with the addition of hi-res support and gained traction with some big names out there.

I've also been looking at dts-x and dolby atmos support. It's definitely something I don't need right now, but would like to have the option of in the future if it's possible. I know about the "traditional" 5/7.1.2/4 and 9.1.2 speaker setups (I probably wouldn't push it past 5.1.2) and I'm aware that there are atmos/dts-x all-in-one soundbars. My question is, is it possible to use a tradional soundbar with 2 rear speakers for a 5.1 setup (be it a Sonos playbar, Heos bar or a playfi bar for that matter) and add 2 ceiling speakers in the future for the atmos effect? Is it solely a software thing to be worked on or are there hardware shortcomings of such a setup that I'm missing?

Also I'm looking for suggestions on what to get. I'm eyeing the Wren VP3US or VP5US (can they do 24/192? can't find anything) although I've no idea how to source them in the EU yet.
As for the soundbar, I've really no idea apart from the checkmarks I mentioned above. I'm looking at spending around a 1000€, but I'm willing to stretch a little extra if needed (included sub would be nice). Pioneer, Onkyo, Klipsch, Integra, Definitive.. I just really don't know.

Many thanks!

Edit: Is it possible to add two PlayFi rears to the Integra DLB-5 or Pioneer Elite FS-EB70 or something along those lines? They're 3.1.2 soundbars by themselves. The information is scarce, some people said no but it would appear that's from before the PlayFi firmware upgrade. If no and won't be possible by a future software update, would a Klipsch RSB-14 be a good alternative for the long haul?
I'm assuming a proper 5.1 setup is better than a virtual surround 3.1.2

Edit2: Would something like this be achieveable through the use of an AVR in the future? Like I said, complete noob :D
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