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Hi all,

Quick question..(don't know if it should be posted here) is there any way to play movies directly to my TV WITHOUT the use of Audio/Video cables running half way round the house???

Their must be a remote controller or some wireless connection.

Any help???

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Or a modded xbox - there are also wireless video/audio senders that use radio frequency, but my experience of them is that they are rubbish!


yeh a modded xbox is great for that, i use it all the time.

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:) It's a normal xbox that has been modified to unlock it's media capabilities... it still works as a game console and a dvd player, but you can install a free app call xbox media center (xbmc) which enables you to play all of the media files that are held on your home network, or you can copy them on to the xbox hard drive, or play them off a disc.
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