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I rang them earlier and they said they are supposed to be getting more this week, but haven't yet and can't guarantee they will before xmas. :thumbsdow


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im glad you got some sense out of them, when i rang them they were useless.
Go out on foot and scour the country, it will be quicker than play. They deserve a serious reprimand around the way they handled the pre-orders. 5000+ orders for 300 consoles, what a joke! It took me 4 phone calls at the start of December to find anyone who would admit the scenario regarding the pre order debacle, apparently it was my fault I never received an email from them in November regarding my order :mad:

Anyway thanks to Asda my Wii sits proudly under the TV.


Active Member is an absolute joke. I ordered mine on September the 8th only to be told a week and a half prior to the UK Wii launch that they will no longer be able to get the console instock for the launch, and i may couoncel if i like. Oh yes thats f*ucking helpful i will councel now n try n pre order somewhere else with ONE week to go shell i? Bloody idiots. :mad:

You are right shagaboopon they should not be allowed to get away with this, pfff...they didn't even offer a dicount voucher to say sorry, shocking.

Anyways i am now Wii'less been looking everywhere, ha maybe my luck will change in the next few days, doubt it very much.

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