...... Why the wait???



I recently ordered 6 titles from Play.
Panic Room, Blade 2,
Oceans Eleven, Resident Evil,
Frailty and Joy Ride.
I received the first two on Saturday the second two on Monday yet havent received either Frailty or Joy Ride. Is this a common problem with Play as this is the first time I have used them.
Anyone with opinions please SPEAK.:mad:

i have used play with a mate for about 2 years, and never really had to wait that long , it useally depends on if stuff is in stock. most new release,s i have 1 week before the usual r1 launch date.there does seem to be a lot of unhappy play247 customers lately!


I've ordered before and recieved DVDs within 5 days.

On the 6th Septemeber I ordered 6 DVDs. I recieved 2 R1 discs 3 days later, an R2 disc 3 days later but am still waithing for the 3 other R2 DVDs.


Ordered Monsters Inc. collectors edition & Blade (original version)
Saturday night, received today!
Seems some people get better delivery times than others.
I think its down to your local postie myself.


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It must be your postal area,i live in a small corner of west wales and i get my dvds through no probs at all,over 200 now,just recieved true romance sp ed today.


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I've ordered over 100 discs from play over last 18 months and once a disk is sent it usually arrives in 2-3 days.
Have you checked your account to see if the dvd is in stock?

Rambo John J

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I've been using Play as one of my sources for as long as I've had a player and ordered hundreds of discs, but I've found in the last 3 months 6 or 7 discs have never turned up once they've been sent. It's no hassle to ring up after 14 days and let them know they didn't arrive, but what used to be a rare occurence is happening a lot more often now and I'm actually beginning to feel like maybe they think I'm trying to fleece them when they go through my account history (daft, I know :rolleyes:) and see that on average 1 in 5 discs doesn't arrive these days.

Some bad egg in the postal service is probably amassing a huge library of discs he's liberated from the mail sacks.


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I have had very good service from them but they mucked friends and family around with their delivery times. I think they are getting slower.

May start using someone different if it continues :confused:

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