and 'Missing' Parcels


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I have ordered some 50 DVDs from and the most recent, Queen Hits 1 has yet to arrive. The first that has gone astray so not a bad record really.

It's been well over a week since it was posted and I have to wait until 14 days has elapsed until they will investigate.

Has anyone had items from Play go missing in the post and how well do Play deal with it?

Do they send you a replacement straight away or does it take a while before they have 'investigated'?



In fairness to play I think it is the Royal Mail who make you wait. They (the royal mail) lost one of my parcels and they won't do anything for two weeks in case it suddenly turns up!

From what I've read about play they do come up with the goods eventually.



How long have you been waiting for the DVD Kevo?

I have waited nearly two weeks before today for DVD's to arrive from when Play say that it has been dispatched.


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I waited the required 14 days after a DVD I'd order from Play went missing (The other one I ordered at the same time arrived in 2 days).

I called them, expecting to go through the 3rd degree, but they simply sent out a repacement the same day and I received it 2 days later. Great Service :)

Rambo John J

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Play are good with missing parcels. No hassle, replacements turn up in a few days. Just one phone call and everything's sorted.
The only bind is the 14 day thing, but as long as it's been at least 10 days they'll send a free replacement.


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Originally posted by Sgt.Colon
How long have you been waiting for the DVD Kevo?

I have waited nearly two weeks before today for DVD's to arrive from when Play say that it has been dispatched.

9 days since 'posted date'

I think the longest I have waited is about a week.
I'm so used to them arriving within a week.

I'm not blaming Play, it's the Royal Mail at fault.

I wouldn't mind but this is the most eagerly awaited DVD yet (for me) and I was originally going to buy it from the High street on it's day of release but the saving of £2 got the better of me!

Also, I've found that pre-ordering before the release date doesn't guarantee it will arrive any quicker than ordering when it's in stock, in fact longer in all the ones I have ordered.


I ordered Insomnia from play weeks ago and it was posted on the 7th of October. When it hadn't arrived by last Monday the 21st I gave them a ring and my replacement came today the 24th. This is the first time I have had a parcel go missing from play and I must have ordered over 100 dvds in the past 3 years.


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i can't deny that the occasional package hasn't gone missing with play, but then again, i've bought well over 150 dvds from them and have always been happy with the service. haven't really bothered trying anyone else, i'm quite loyal to 'em now.:)


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I had an order AND its replacement not turn up. As you say they were very good on the first one, but on the second one they indicated that they would have to consider not mailing to my address as I clearly had a mail problem! I have ordered since with no problems.

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I remember when every disc used to be sent by recorded delivery...Now it seems that only the console games are sent this way (rightly so cos they're more expensive)...the last DVD I got by recorded delivery was Harry Potter. My point is, what's to stop people from telling pork pies to that their order hasn't arrived 14 days after it's been delivered. Obviously may have to rely simply on the customers honesty, but for the minority of cheeky buggers, wouldn't it be more economical to bring back the recorded delivery?

Having said that, It used to be a pain to come home and find out that the item couldn't be delivered as no-one was present to sign for it. Especially since my post depot is 12 miles away.

Hmmmmmm (scratch-scratch)


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I never had anything go missing untill my postman went sick 6 months ago, I've had 2 go missing 4 weeks ago and then 1 sent on the 14th & one on the 15th of this month from play. Im dissapointed the one on the 15th was Diana Krall live in Paris DTS I was so looking forward to be watching this tonight with a group of my best friends who were coming over to my place to watch it in Pro Scan via the Panny which none have seen yet..... are well theres plenty of wet weekend due up over the winter months in London;) Just hope Play refund them both,

cheers Steve


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If mail is going missing then you really should complain to the Post office - they seem to respond to complaints pretty well. All my registered parcels from Play were being posted as normal mail (ie never being asked for a signature) and being left in a communal hallway, but a friendly word with the guy at the sorting office sorted the problem.

Being woken at 7.45 on a saturday morning by the postie was the only downside :(


Hmmm, looks like my Halloween DVD has gone missing, I was hoping to watch it this weekend.:(


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Originally posted by tomson
All my registered parcels from Play were being posted as normal mail (ie never being asked for a signature)..

I've never had to sign for any either, apart from a few R1s.
I don't think they send R2s registered

Anyway phoned Play today and they said they'll send out a replacement today (Mon). No quibbles.
Don't think the Post Office could match that kind of response.

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