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Anyone else noticed advertising at london underground stations!
Prices aren't good as they used to be anymore, maybe they must have enough customers so its no worry to them how much they sell them for.
Can anyone remember if amazon includes p&p??

Squirrel God

Amazon add on p&p when you go to check out. Play's R2 sale prices are usually excellent IMO :)

Rambo John J

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When I first used Play, all their R1 titles were £17.99 and the R2's were structured about the same as they are now as regards % discounts. They never used to have sales, which they have plenty of ongoing all the time now.
I'd say Play's prices have actually got better overall in the last 3 or 4 years. Their personal service has suffered due to the increased amount of business they do though, but I've certainly got no complaints against them.


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Although I rarely use Play for R1 now, they are rarely bettered on R2 pricing. I even managed to tick-off 3 titles I wanted from their latest £6.49 sale.

The only people who seem to have a problem with them are those who want everything 'yesterday'. Me, I'll take cheaper prices & wait - it's only a film.


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Why don't you check on their web site if you want to know.

perhaps - and I'm willing to go out on a limb here - latman was trying to prompt some form of conversation by this ?

I'm guessing the forum rules still allow trivial conversation and chatting :confused:


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I agree...Play's pricing can be bettered in some cases, but usually they are pretty good.

Delivery of 3 working days is fine in my opinion, and I have had no problems ever with them, I have used them for more than 3 years now.

My absolute fave though is Disc Emporium, the fastest and most reliable for new titles I have ever used...the drawback? EXPENSIVE.

Most titles are £20.99 :(

Still, you spends yer money and makes yer choices.........


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Play are the best imo......allways get my dvds on time,just had scorpian king and american ninja,silver bullet,house from their 6.49 company.

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