Play-Asia - any good for region free games?


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In my search for Fight Night Round 4, I stumbled upon the website, who have listed it for around 35 euros, which is at least €15 cheaper than here in Holland. As I looked on, I found a lot of other cheap games I liked, so I could order them together and save on shipping costs. They even have a list to see if the games are region free.

The only thing is, I've never heard of them before. Is it from the same company as And is there anyone here who has experience with Play-Asia? Are they reliable?

Thanks in advance!


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I've used them many times and had no issues with them, going back to days of the sega saturn, even bought my Panasonic Q from them.

Just be careful with import duty when ordering as people have been stung quite badly in the past from customs.

Also, They arent related to


Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I think I'm going to try it then! I was kind of hesitant because I've never ordered something from Asia before.

Just to be sure, how bad is "quite badly" you think? I've ordered CDs from Amazon in the past, and one of those orders was intercepted by customs. Back then, it was a relatively small fee I had to pay, and altogether it was still cheaper than to buy it over here.

Thanks again :)


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What amazon was that then? Surely if it was an amazon in the E.U then they shouldnt of charged you customs as in the eu your allowed to move goods freely? Anyhoo after using once and never recieving my game i would rather go out to the high street and buy


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If you want to avoid import tax also try (tax free) or ( you can adjust the invoice amount), although saying that when I ordered Tiger woods 10 from play Asia as a fathers day gift I didn't pay any import duty.


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Well, it was, so from the US, but it happened only once.

Sucks that you didn't receive your game. Did you issue a complaint? I don't know what the procedure at is, but a friend of mine once didn't receive his order from Amazon. He contacted them about it, and the order was re-sent right away.

A few weeks later, he received his original order too, as it was lost in the mail or something :)


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Na i got my money back finally after 21 days never recieved the game even to this day so i presume they didnt even send the thing


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Import duty is relative to the cost of the item. It would be 15% currently in the UK (assuming it is the same as VAT).


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I bought tiger woods 10 from them 2 weeks ago
took about a week to arrive , didn't get stung for import charges either

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