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Aug 27, 2005
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St Albans
I'm still very much in the planning stages but when my lounge gets re-done I'm looking to wall mount a plasma screen and also some of my speakers. Currently the walls are papered and I'm going to strip this, channel out for all the cables and before having it painted am going to get the whole room 'skimmed' to give it a nice finish.

My question is when skimming a room do all the radiators have to come off (extra work I don't want to do!) or can they be 'worked around' to a degree and also if I put the plasma wall mount bracket on the wall (so I know where to put all the cables) prior to having the walls skimmed does this have to come off and go back on again or can it also be 'worked around'?


Radiators, electric switches, door architraves and anything else should come off the walls, else it is a bit of a codge and looks crap.
everything has to come off mate - channel the cables, box them in before getting it skimmed and then your guy can just plaster around the cables - see Mal's thread on his PV500 project
Cheers for the replies.

Its never the easy option is it!!! But its got to look right.

don't worry about your rads mate just turn of the valves undo the the nuts and lift of the the rad you'll have it done if less than 5 mins its not as hard as it seems ( just take care to keep it level as you carry it out of the house or you'll end up with centrel heating water all over the house )
regards Garry..............
I've had another thought along the same theme...........

At what stage should I actually fix the bracket to the wall. Might sound a bit strange but I'll elaborate.

Without fixing the bracket to the wall (at least temporarily) I won't know where to cut my channels into the wall to hide the cables. But presumably the wall bracket will have to come off the wall prior to skimming. My intended order of play is as follows, please point out my mistakes / suggest improvements so I don't end up in a big mess.

Strip wallpaper - Hold bracket to the wall to ensure correct placement of screen and draw around it - Use outline of bracket to cut channels in the wall for cables - Fix cables in place and fill around them (whats the concensus on using trunking of some kind, power will be kept separate from other cable) - Have the wall / room skimmed - give double the recommended time for it to dry before fixing the bracket to the fresh wall - Mount screen and retest cables - Take screen off and decorate the wall - Once paint dry refix screen in place sit back and enjoy!!!!

Just reread mal's project and he had the wall skimmed with the bracket attached so maybe that the way to go?



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