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plasterboard wall


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hi could anyone help me i live in a bungalow and i want to put my tv on the wall with a bracket but it is only plasterbord and there r no studs is there anyway it can be done please.ty


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You can get special fixings.
Also depends on what type of blocks you have.

Do you have Aircrete blocks such as Celcon or do you have hard blocks.
( if you can knock a large nail in to it fairly easy you have soft blocks)

Screwfix will have some for hard blocks.

But for the softer aircrete blocks you need some special large plastic screw looking plugs.
You drill your wall screw these large plugs in then screw your bolt screw into that.

I got mine from a company in Lincoln called Fixfirm.

You should find a similar company near you.


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Try a search through this forum there are many threads about mounting onto plasterboard, you may find your solution or at the least a pointer in the right direction.



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done that but all seem to have some kind of studs or other all i have is plasterboard.ty


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Get some toggle bolts... I just used them to wall mount my 22 inch lcd and its solid, no chance its falling off!!

I will be using quite a few to hold my living room television on but there ideal!


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Don't let this guy hang his prized plasma on toggle bolts on unsupported plasterboard!!

Olliex i strongly suggest you get someone in to help you. There must be a wall or studs behind your plasterboard you just need to know what and where it is then put in the correct fixings.
Otherwise your plasma will end up on the floor.


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an add-on to this if I may.

if I have insulated pb glued onto a 4" block wall - am I better getting proper long expansion bolts and going into the block ??

as for the op - take off a skirting board if you can and see what is underneath the pb -battons - glued on ??
Like freddy said - do not hang a 10kg+ weight onto pb.

what size is the tv and weight ??


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