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I am currently looking at putting the wall mount below onto a plasterboard which is roughly 1inch deep and a gap behind (screws won't be long enough to touch the brick wall behind). I have only a 24in TV which weighs about 3.4kgs and the bracket is about 1.1kg. is it safe to mount it?

I can't find the stud wall without breaking the plasterboard up but the screws are pretty long which I am hoping may help with the load.
We previously had a mirror there which was heavier (not sure exact weight) hung on 1 medium sized screw (which was quite short).

Plasma Dan

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Either locate a stud (use a cheap stud detector or do it by trial & error), or if there is a brick wall behind it use some long masonry anchor bolts.

Plasterboard anchors are ok for things like mirrors / pictures because all the weight is transferred downwards, but TVs tend to want to pull away from the wall, so they need to be more secure.


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