Plasterboard fixing....AGAIN



I live in a flat with partitions between flats made up of plasterboard attached to metal studs. Is there a way of mounting my plasma on the wall with this sort of construction?
hi there,to fix anything to these walls you really need to find the vertical studs ,then you can secure things to them using self drilling screws which are easily available from any good diy store.
hope this is of some help to you
You should be able to get suitable screws for fastening into metal studding (self-drilling) the ones I know of are made by a firm called Gyproc should be available from builders merchants, but you'll need a cordless screwdriver to fix them.
Hmmmmm. Yes. Get one of those 'cable' detectors from B&Q or homebase (about 20 GBP) and find these metal studs. Once found, I'd consider placing an MDF or chipboard 'base' up (the same size as the plasma). Make sure it's a thick one (about 20mm should do it). Now you are free to screw the plasma bracket straight onto the board.
For double security, I'd use 'liquid nails' or any super-strong adhesive that bonds wood to walls.
After this, it will never fall down.
Make sure you concentrate your 'fixings' on the top rather than the bottom as the weight will pull at the top foremost!!
Hi there, I think if I were hanging 30Kgs of £3000 Plasma on these metal studs/battens/uprights I would not use self taping screws but sone form of spreader bolt, it would'nt have to be huge just four of the corect rating will easily take the wieght, these will insert through a predrilled hole, the plug part of the bolt opens as you tigthen and grips from the inside of the metal stud.
Look in the screwfix catalogue or go to

Best regards David
Yep....Thanks all.

The thickness of the plasterboard is about 22 mm. This is screwed to metal battens spaced at about 30cm. I reckon this means the board is very well secured to the battens.

Maximum shear loads in 3/8 inch plasterboard for the fixings that David shows is 250lbs and tension loads, 240 lbs. They say divide by 4-5 for maximum working load.

So if I use 6 of these it should be more than strong enough, wouldn't you agree?
I used 8 of the hollow wall anchors Galaxy posted above to fix my bracket to the wall.
They are in the plasterboard only - not the batons.
Been there for a few months now with no problems at all.

If 4 of these fixings can support the weight of a double radiator (standard application for them) full of water then a plasma is hardly going to be a problem.
Originally posted by Nobber22
Love the section lower down on the same page:


Chain-saw! :rotfl:
And why not?
Need something to chop into the wall with to hide the cables...:D
man i `d never hang by plasma by just plasterboard lol..
i have 4 fat bolts going str8 in2 the batins and it still worries me lol
I must admit, just into the plasterboard would worry me a little, as I said I would prefer to go through the palster board into the metal studding, that should hold the Titanic on the wall.

You said your plasterboard is 20mm thick?????

JEEZ...........must have been Hercules and his jobber Samson who put that wall up! LOL

Best regards David

I used 8 of the m5 by 65mm fixings (2 through metal battens)and the thing is absolutely solid. I have put my whole weight on it and it doesn't move at all.

The plaster board is 20mm and separates one flat from another. I don't think I'd risk it on 9.5 mm board though.

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