Plasmas and screen burn


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Feb 2, 2004
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Just had my new Panny delivered and I'm very impressed.

Reading through the manual there is a lot of coverage on screen burn, specifically it mentions teletext, video games, TV games, black bars etc. and says that the screen is not designed to display a fixed image for any length of time.

This has got me worried, especially having two young children who like nothing better than sitting down to watch a long session of cartoons on a channel that displays a channel logo. In addition to that, some of my DVD's, unless I zoom the image, display top and bottom black bars.

I've read other posts stating reduce the contrast for the first 100 hours. Do I also need to avoid all the potential causes of screen burn? It seems that if I do then my own and my families pleasure in watching TV will be severely reduced.

Does everyone else switch on all the screen saving modes, e.g pixel shifting etc.?

The manual gave me the impression that it was a common and damaging problem with plasma screens, is this true?

Any advice is appreciated.

Hi dave

Congrats on your new screen. There's loads odf info on this forum about plasma screen burn, how dangerous it is, how over hyped it is, what to do to avoid it, how to minmise it etc.

A simple search using the link at the top of the page :blush: will return dozens of threads. Here's a direct link for a search on 'plasma screen burn'

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