plasmas and scalers



i have decided i think to go for the pioneer 50mxe. it was / is a close run thing between that and the panny42/pioneer43, but having stuck various bits of paper across my lounge wall i reckon that the 50" is really necessary to get the true experience.

anyway, i want to drive all sorts of equipment, pc (for web, cctv, audio juke box and cctv monitoring, DVB sat card) , dvd playback (via pc or via an external player), Sky+, and various consoles etc, D

Of course i want the best picture quality i can get - therefore want to drive the plasma at its native resolution. I guess therefore that i need to use a scaler / source switcher.

the choices i can see are

1. dedicated switcher, such as HD Leeza
2. an internal switcher, such as Key Digital HD native card, which will plug in to the pioneer plasma panel
3. an HTPC based solution using either a cheap svideo capture card (pinnacle) and dcaler, or something more expensive like the holo3d card

i am currently thinking along the lines of option 3. yes, i know that it is risky due to the unreliable nature of PC's but i figure that given that the majority of my sources originate in the PC domain then this might be the best bet.

Is anyone else driving their plasma through a scaler, and if so which one?

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