Plasma with windows?


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anyone using a plasma with windows,wondering what the issues with screen burn are like these days?>

would it still represent a major problem?


The usual suspects are still up to the job, you have one of them I see. I'd choose a Panasonic, or possibly a Fuji commercial screen, go 50" if you can, it saves all that pratting around with aspect ratios on XGA 42" screens. Set your screensaver for 5-10 mins and all will be well. It can stand longer with no saver, but I'm thinking of your icons and taskbar always appearing in the same place. It's as well to wash it regularly.


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yes,my PWD8 is a great screen but no good for internet/email/msn.

twas the football world cup forced me intoa purchase!will be looking to upgrade and would rather not buy LCD, and i think a PJ is too much hassle.

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