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Aug 1, 2004
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Now we have a few announcements of true 1920x1080 native resolution plasma panels are the screen sizes going to be pretty much limited to 65 inches or above in order to fit all the pixels in the panel or is it probable that we may see 50 inch plasma panels with a 1920x1080 resolution.

I've read some previous postings going back 18 months which stated we would probably never see 42 inch panels with a native 1920x1080 resolution due to the limitations of the plasma manufacturing technology and the ability to pack the pixels into a screen of that size. Is this true?
Considering we arent seeing 42" plasmas with a proper HD res of 1280*720 yet I dont think they'll be even considering 1920*1080 anytime soon.
Panasonic are launching 65" 1920x1080 plasma on 1 November in Japan; and announced 50" plasmas of 1920x1080 pixels at show in Japan this week. 42" are a long, long way off.
Many people expect both to be available in UK next year.

Pioneer is planning to release a 1080p 50" plasma in time for the world cup 2006. Reportedly Pioneer is also planning a 43" 1080p plasma not too far away (although no specific release date for that was given).

Technogoly wise 1080p in smaller display sizes is not easy to do with plasma. But as usual technology improves every day. So what was impossible yesterday, may well be the norm tomorrow.

The big question is: Does 1080p have any benefit on 42" displays? Some people even doubt whether it helps that much in a 50" display. You'd need to get quite near to the screen to see the added resolution. Anyway, personally I'll be getting a 50"+ display anyway, so I don't care that much about 42" displays. I definately do want native 1920x1080 resolution for my 50"+ display.
The thing is these higher resolutions only make the difference on larger displays, the problem is that they eye can only see so much, so you'd have to be clsoe to the screen as Madshi said with 1080p on smaller displays.

Mind you I saw a 60" (1366x768 or something) Pioneer plasma at my mates shop (i only found out he's the manager and could have cut me a nice deal a week ago :() the other week and the picture quality of it was amazing, it nocked the socks off of the 50 and 43 inchers around it.

The picture of it is kinda bad because I used my cameraphone and didn't have a very steady hand, its sitting on one of those alphason stands that is a little bigger than most 42" screens


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