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Recently bought a Pioneer 434. Had it to settle with low contrast from 31st December to a few days ago. While playing Ninja Gaiden on Xbox for twenty f****** minutes for two days in a row iam now stuck with an after image of the life bar that is not even white as u can see. The panel was on the game factory setting. Even though the game setting had Contrast 20 i lowered it down to 17 and i also lowered color from the 0 default to -10. The after image doesn't go away and i have played lots of things on it. ALL fullscrren ALL with no static images. It faded a bit but it doesn't go away.oh and energy save function on by the way. What did I do wrong? From my point of view nothing. I thought TV was for entertainment not worrying all the time "this is static and this is static, oh this is static and white". Jesus Christ!! I expect an answer please from all those people that play games on their panels.
Couldnt see the screenshot, but it certainly sounds as if you have been unlucky.

I am not a massive gamer, but I do play PS2 games on my Panny 6, for upto 2 hours at a time.

The Panny has completely different contrast/brightness settings from the Pioneer, but it sounds as though we are taking fairly similar precautions, and I have no visible burn in.

I have always felt able to use my plasma as virtually a normal TV, but may start taking more precautions after reading your post.
not a gamer but over nearly 2 years of having my plasma i have had a game cube and ps2 used to play a good 2 hours at a time. with no after affects. lots of tv logos too, seems you have neen unlucky:( :( :(
I have a Pioneer 504HDE and regularly play Rainbow Six 3 for several hours at a time. I guess the one difference here though is that it is very rare (if at al) for one static image to stay displayed for more than a few minutes as you move in and out of the lobby, games, etc.

Whilst my Pioneer does worry me at times due to 'persistence, I have yet to see any burn in that remians after 10 mins or so of moving video. However, before buying my Pio I was aware (from these forums and a dealer) that the Pioneer plasmas are not as good as others (Panny's et al) re burn in.

Totally agree though that we should not have to worry like this but then everyone knows (or should by now) that this technology suffers from these traits. I hope you manage to remove it with moving video (TV, DVD) etc.
What is the purpose of the image in your link? Doesn't look like that is a screenshot of your plasma and it certainly does not show any burn in.

Do you have an actual image of your screen?
Originally posted by Messiah
What is the purpose of the image in your link? Doesn't look like that is a screenshot of your plasma and it certainly does not show any burn in.

Do you have an actual image of your screen?

I think he`s showing us what the life bar on that particular game is like ie: not white ?
any chance of an actual pic of your burned in screen?

one thing, although I suppose its a bit too late, the contrast is the most important thing to turn down not the colour, so from a factory setting of 20, I'd of turned it down to around 5 or 0, this will have the greatest effect of reducing burnin, along with brightness which is always too bright by default

is it still there, how long have you had it displaying normal full screen images for since playing the game?
rscott if i take a picture which i can't it's so faint that it won't show up. The contrast is different from the panasonic to the pioneer. excuse if i seem a little dumb here but am i supposed to see it whe the panel is on standby? because i don't. please explain. i only see it when i select an input with no picture. i can't even see it when something else is playing. and it's been 2 days since a played last time. please explain. And believe the contrast is way down on 20 people here like brogan have the contrast to 30 with the ps2 and the same panel and did not mention any problems.20 it was the factory setting for the game mode.
When I first had my Pioneer 434HDE I thought I had suffered permanent burn in after watching football on Sky Sports for a few days. It took at least 2 to 3 weeks of watching full screen dvds to get rid of the afterimage:mad:

I now use the zoom function to remove the sky logos:D

Dont despair it WILL go eventually but I wouldnt play the game again until it has gone completely.
after image is common with Pioneer, thought once I'd cooked a new 503MXE with AOTC menu afer my colleagues left the demo screen on all w/e, but it went away after a few weeks.
I thought all plasmas had it. It's basically a bright white bar that 'wipes' accross the screen, resetting all the pixels to the same state.
If you get any image burn, 75% of the time the screen wipe will sort it!!!!
If it was me in your situation, I'd find a film on DVD that has a lot of bright white in it that affects every part of the screen. I'd use the 'A to B' function on my DVD player on the whitest scene for a couple of hours a day.
Yeah! I'd do that for a week!
or download a nice bright screen saver for ya pc. dont go out and leave it on though just incase it freezes up and you have a nice windows logo burnt in

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