Plasma wanted for a complete novice!!


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First post, so be gentle with me.......

I'm moving house very soon and I think I've finally convinced my wife that we need a 42" Plasma TV.
So obviously my question is "what to buy??"
EVERYONE seems to be raving about the Panasonics.
I was looking at a Philips 42PF9945 yesterday but I haven't seen much enthusiasm about them. To be avoided??

Also, I'm in Dublin and if you think the UK is a rip-off trying buying anything here. Do any of the online retailers deliver outside mainland UK? Or is it worth taking a chance on having one delivered to a mate and have him drive over with it?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.......


Philips are no longer doing very well with plasma IMHO (You never know new models soon!)
Panasonic or pioneer is the general consensus
Just remember that plasmas can't be laid down they have to stay upright, Your mate would need a van!


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You need 50"....

Lord of the Rings has never looked better....

seriously, only you can decide, based upon

(a) how much you're prepared to spend, how important is it to you and she-who-must-be-obeyed (factor in that you'll have this thing for 5-10 years). Is it worth giving up this year's holiday to the Bahamas or that new BMW for it?

(b) your and her eyes (if it looks better, it is better). Forget the sound for the moment, you can always do something about that later (after the bank balance has recovered).

(c) go for the biggest screen that is acceptable to you-know-who (vitally important). You won't regret buying big, but if you buy small it'll always niggle.

(d) get Madam on board. She's got to live with your toy (kudos to your good lady if she's an audio/video junkie like mine - she buys Isobariks foir fun!). If WAF is low then it will be a source of strife.

Right, now your choices are the line up of the usual suspects:

Pioneer, Panasonic seem to be top dogs at the moment with Sony, Hitachi, Fujitsu and the rest following. Everyone on this forum has their own opinion that their's is the best (it had d*** well better be good, they've just spent £3K-5k on it!)

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