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I currently have Panasonic plasma on a desktop stand but I'm soon going to hang it on the wall.
Anyone know any good websites for buying the official Panasonic wall bracket as local TV shop wants a whopping £350.00 for it.
Thanks in advance


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Here I have not used them personally, but have been told that they are used by most custom installs and are generally cheaper than a branded bracket. hope that helps


No idea about your bracket, sorry!

But LOVE your user name! ;)

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Joe Fernand

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Is it the:

TY-WK42PV1 flat wall mount - SRP £280.00
or the
TYWK42PR1 tilt wall mount - SRP £340.00

you are considering - both of these are expensive compared to the UK manufactured Unicol mounts and Panasonic invariably dont carry the mounts in stock.

The Unicol mounts are normally 3-5 days if your dealer has to order one in and will cost you nearer £129.20 (ex vat) + shipping if you simply require a flat mount.

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The Panasonic brand
can be bought here
for £269 including vat & delivery

Empire direct told me they can do the Pana mount for £220 as for delivery I have no idea as they have 2 huge stores near to where I live so did not ask

Joe is right when he says that most dealers dont keep them in stock

Totalpanasonic told me they could get it to me within a week (they did)

the Unicol bracket is cheaper most places seem to have it about £165 including the Vat & delivery another point with the Unicol you get the frame only, no fixings
another point I would have bought the mount from empire but they quoted (4 weeks delivery)
the Panasonic comes with everything but the 6 M6 bolts

I made the mistake of measuring the Panasonic mounts screw holes, and built my wall to fit accordingley
(I wrongly presumed that the mounts would be the same size)

when the Unicol arrived it did not fit where I had put the Timbers in my false wall, so I had to get the Pana version that did fit

both will do the job fine, but now having seen them both, I think the Pana own version is slightly better

it also fits a bit flusher to the wall


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The bracket I'm looking for is the:

TY-WK42PV1 Flat Wall Mount.

Thanks for the info so far Empire Direct looks the best so far but its out of stock and they don't give a delivery time for it.

I was told that the Panasonic bracket fits flusher to the wall you seem to have confimed this PA.

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Also looking for a website that stocks Alphason home cinema furniture as I'm needing a new rack.


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Aye, just to backup what has been said.

The Panasonic wall mount provides a smaller profile than using the Unicol. However, the pricing is a joke.


I have a Unicol bracket and my plasma is now 108mm total depth from the wall (i.e. distance to the front face from the wall). That is 19mm on top of the 89mm quoted for the plasma. I understood that the Panasonic bracket added 22mm but I wouldn't let 3mm worry me (the £100 difference did, though!).

I got the Unicol bracket direct from them (carriage is free and took about 3 days). It looks very well made, with 8 holes for mounting it - I used pretty beefy Rawbolts into my brick wall.

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