plasma vs lcd



Hi, I would like some advice about flat screen tvs. Which is better, lcd or plasma. Is it worth spending more or is there not much difference.


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Mate, i see you`re new, but this thread had been posted zillions of times. try using search. Plasma is better in my book, but have a look through the pages, i don`t think you`ll get many replies, we`re all fed up of writing the same thing ! :)


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Plasma by miles, I have two Panasonics first PWD6 second PH9 . PWD6 over 4 years and still looking great .. Also have a 26" HD LCD , which I feel is poor when compaired to my two screens .. My PWD6 I would say kicks ass, even though the PWD6 is SD and the Samsung 26" LCD is HD ...

Simple advice - get a plama. Run it it correctly and it will be mindblowing if setup correctly



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i asked the same question a few weeks ago i have just brought a plasma go to the shops see them in action find the one you like then find out who will give you the best price them get john lewis to price match with a free five year guarantee thats what i did thanks to this forum you may not get john lewis to price match but it`s worth a try

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