Plasma vs Lcd? What are the immediate pitfuls with each...


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and over time...

Just jumped on to have a look in the LCD forum... after my first "problem" with my Philips 9986 (1) ( )
this is now happening (which seems to be a few people have a prob with)...

The Philips 9986 (2) humming... and now (3) 1 dead/stuck pixel. Possibly a 2nd at a certain angle.

Shouldnt the dead pixel have appeared from new... When I turned this screen on for the first time straight out of the box - I loved it... no pink/blue/purple areas, where it should be black... and these other problems.

I set up my Panasonic 50" hi def screen up last night in the living room... and love it to bits.

So what are the immediate problems of LCD and Plasma, and those that can happen over time?

Also, does the humming occur on the 37inch model of the 9986 philips or 9976 version???

Ive had the philips engineer round to have a look at prob (1)... he can see's what i am saying and is looking into it. And since thursday (2) and (3) have appeared... im pulling my hair out!


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