Plasma vs LCD comparison


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All set to buy a Panny 37" plasma when I noticed the latest Sharp Aquos 30" hi res LCD LC-30HV2E (now under £3k if you shop around).

What are the pros and cons between the technologies (apart from screen size?). Shame the Sharp has no DVI input...

The Sharp has been reviewed in HCC but I don't have that copy; please can someone post the outcome.

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I'm not convinced that the optional TY-42TM4D DVI terminal board is designed to work in either of the 37" Panasonic displays - the literature is a bit confusing so I have asked for clarification from Panasonic UK tech support (so expect a reply within the month :).

Also worth remembering that with the DVI board fitted to any of the Panasonic displays you loose the ability to connect in an YPbPr component video signal.

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PS LCD vs. Plasma - cant help; I have a 15" LCD TV sat next to a 43" PlasmaTV and the size difference is just too vast to make any sort of side by side comparison.

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