Plasma Usage



I've read a lot on this forum about screen burn and how long people watch their plasmas for etc??

Being new to this plasma lark, when my screen arrives, am I wrong to assume that it can be used in exactly the same way as our current tv.

This means watching a lot of sky, and dvds and the unit being on for long periods of time...

Can't see me having to tell the wife to go and watch Eastenders on the portable, because this new super duper plasma i've bought can only be on for a couple of hours a day!!!!

How do you use yours???


the main thing is that you enjoy it
as long as you feed it different types
of material like not all widescreen , 4.3,
logo channels
i put my screen saver on for 5 mins at the end of the night.
lower the contrast and brightness out of the box.
brake it in with using alot of full screen, logo less channels for a while first

but enjoy it

i`m not sure if its my eyes but mine looks better after
a few weeks of use.

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