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Hi there all! I'm new to the site. Just wondering if anyone out the can give me any help or advice. I've rang round the houses and am getting different advice from dealers - I guess they are just trying to push you into whatever they sell! I am looking for a plasma TV for my front room. I don't think I want (or can afford) anything larger then a 42" - but I don't know which one to go for. I've read some threads on the LG and the Samsung and was wondering if they were any good or whether it's worth going for one that is over 3k like a Panasonic PW5 or the Toshiba version? (am I right in thinking that's the same - as some dealers say it is and some say it isn't). Also once decided can anyone give me any advice on who is a reputable dealer. I want the best price. but also a good level of service and of course want it before Christmas. I hope I'm not asking too much! Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

Kevin W.


If you can afford 3.5k then I would recommend the Panasonic/Toshiba (yes they are the same) plasma.
If your budget is a bit tight then the LG and the Samsung do look to be great value for money, but are obviously not quite as good as the others. Try to go to a dealer and see them all side by side before you decide.
As for price. Get a decent mag and phone around the advertisers, then go to John Lewis and get them to price match (you also get a 5 year warrenty with the plasma:D )



I've seen a price for the Panasonic PWD5 in black/charcoal of £3312 ( John Lewis said they will only match shop prices not internet prices, though they will guarantee it for 5 years. I'm told that plasmas are fairly reliable and that if they are going to go wrong it is likely to be straight away and after that they are fine.

I spoke to a lady called Vicky at plasma screens, she was really helpful and talked me through my requirements and gave me her recommendations (which were to go for the Panasonic) apparently that is the screen that most home cinema users are going for and they have that screen there.

Is £3312 a good price?


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Check out Richer Sounds. They currently have the silver version for just under £3200. Non currently in stock though, they're expecting delivery of around 50 from Panasonic in the next week or so.


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Last time I looked Richer sounds were doing the Tosh 42" at £2995, which is a great deal, I paid nearly £4k for mine 8 weeks ago damit!!!
I did full research bit, read the books had the demos and I went for the Tosh, it is the same as the Panny but when I got mine the Silver Panny was £500 more, plus I spoke to someone at a Plasma wholesalers who told me that they get a lot less returns on the Tosh, don't know why but thats what they said.

One other peace of advise when doing your budget, allow £200 for a stand or wall mount bracket, and at least another £200 for cables, I don't know what source equipment you will be running but Plasma displays show up any minor floor in the picture, no point paying £3k for a screen then having a crap picture due to cheap video cables.



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