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New to forum so hello to everyone.
We got a quite old plasma tv, about 10 years old now. We have a warranty cover with domestic and general. Just want to people if they have any knowledge or experience of what they would cover? Obviously over the years the screen has quite a few screen vurns on it also more noticeable when the screen is white you can see all multi colour shades. The volume also sometimes crackles and pops but is connected to a surround system. The tv volume is really low you haven crank it up full to any sound.
Think i should call them out to see what they can do? Or do they not cover such things like screen burn and faded colours


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Hi. It's common for 'screen burn' not to be covered , but you'd have to check your policy to be sure.

Considering the amount you've presumably spent in all that time, it would be very tempting to make a claim for at least one of those faults, but make sure it's not the screen burn aspect if it's not covered - in fact, don't even mention it. As plasma TVs haven't been made for around 6-7 years now, they would almost certainly write it off but I'm not sure how much they would pay out. I suspect it won't be much for such an old TV though, as they'll probably just look at the specs and match it up with a fairly cheap, modern LCD (unfortunately).

I guess the only drawback might be if you'd have to count this as a claim, when renewing your house insurance next ? I don't know the answer to that though. I suspect probably not, but it'll be worth checking.

I'm sure you've realised, but you could have probably bought a new TV now with the amount you've spent. These days, retailers often include free warranties for anything up to 5-7 years which give piece of mind for quite a while so if you do end up in the market for a new TV, make sure you get a free extended warranty included. How long a TV lasts after that is a bonus really these days - I doubt many people would pay to extend the policy, perhaps unless the TV was particularly expensive.

Good luck ! :)


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My KRP fell and broke whilst being taken off the wall for it's annual dust behind the intakes and what have you o_O :censored: I had to pay extra for an amendment which added an extra £50 to the content's insurance annually, that gave me a guaranteed pay out of £1000 for it, so when it did fall they paid me yes £1000, and they told me to get shot of it myself, so I flogged the media box for £300 on the bay, Nice it bought me my OLED with no outlay :D, so if you are willing to pay the extra for it then it is worth it, but like has been said it cost me like £500 really but hey ho, the OLED smashes the KRP out of the park anyway, so I am a happy bunny :)
On the general topic of buying extended warranties for electrical goods - although I can't advise anyone else what to do, my own advice to myself is don't do it. So I never do.

Perhaps I have been fortunate, but I have found the vast majority of electronics to be super reliable. I recently had a an (Hitachi) microwave that was 27 years old and functioning perfectly, I only dumped it because I was moving. The award for longevity however goes to my trusty old Sansui AU217 MK2 stereo amp - still going strong (elsewhere in the family) after 41 years!!! TV wise my old Panny ZT was faultless for the 7 years I owned it.

Conversely, I did have a new fridge freezer from a well known high end German manufacturer I bought this year which only lasted 3 months before the fridge packed up. As it was so new, after a bit of argy bargy with the retailer who were of course pushing for a repair, they replaced it with a brand new alternative anyway.

So, in brief, if it was me I would always "self insure", ie stick the premiums you would have paid to D&G or whoever in a savings account. I find this has resulted in me considerably quids in over the years.

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