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Jul 2, 2002
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I was just wondering if anyone out there knows (or is currently doing) of somewhere to rent a Plasma panel for home use? (i.e. not business)

I am thinking of trying this out for a few months in order to get round buying one while prices are still high (ish) and to see if the panels that make noise will bother me after a lengthy trial period.

By that comment, you can tell I am thinking of the Panasonic/Toshiba panels.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi Kirk

I thought of this too when I was thinking about getting a plasma. It turned out to be far too expensive (think area of £250 per week). If I was you, the person who seems to have been thinking about getting the Toshiba long and hard, I'd use the opportunity of a fantastic price now to go and get one.

The price I talk of? I have heard that Richer Sounds (!) are knocking them out for £2995 inc VAT at the moment. That is an extraordinary price and lower than current trade price to the dealers. I don't know where the stock is coming from, but if I was you I'd dive in there right now...


You are sooooooooooo right, I know about the Richer Sounds deal (I went and had a drool at my local RS dealer!) but I am strapped at the moment.

About a month ago I had to make a decision about wether I was going to get myself a Plasma (and all the new cables, DVD Player, AV Rack, JS Tech converters etc) or get my Double Glasing replaced..........unfortunately, I had a sensible moment and commited myself to the sodding windows :rolleyes:

However, it's not all bad news, the plasma prices are continueig to drop and newer panels are coming out thick and fast (5th Gen Panny is of most interest to me at the mo) there is also a cencern I have over the 3rd & 4th Gen Panny buzzing like a good 'un on my wall if I got one (which of course means the Tosh as well)

I am not saying the 5th Gen will definately be any better, but it may be usefull to wait and see I spose.

The rental thing appeals for these reasons, if I get a current 4th Gen model and see if I can live with it, then In a couple of montha I may be able to run out and get myself a Plasma panel (of whichever Gen is around) if I can't stand the noise, then I may look at other (possibly inferior PQ and probably more expensive) panels.

However, there is no effing way I am gonna spunk up £250 PM on a TV :eek: .........altough I was half expecting around £150ish, which even still is more than a shocker!

Out of interest, where did you get quotes from, I am still looking for places to rent one just to see what they charge.
try, they have lease prices on their site which vary depending on the period of the lease, can be as low as £70 odd per month over a 5yr lease..


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