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New to this forum - hello guys...

I've heard all sorts of rumours about plasma screens - exhausting to watch, fade after time, fail after 5 yrs, don't work with Tivo etc...

Can anyone scan me the article from What Video & TV, May 2002 - all u need to know about plasma screens... can't seem to find a source of back issues...

Failing that - give me some feedback on what they are like, which to look at, which to avoid....

Presently I have a Sony 34in 4:3 TV so I presume a 42in wide screen would preserve the existing screen height. I also use a Panasonic TUDSB31 Sky Digital box, Tivo, a JVC SVHS HRS8600 VCR, and a Scan SC2000 DVD. Sound is via a Yamaha Dolby Digital amp and Mission M74 speakers. I presume to receive wide screen TV broadcasts I would need a FTA digital off air receiver (Sky box used with Tivo so another off air source needed) - do any output RGB - or is S-video acceptable.

Sorry for so many questions but I value other peoples experience rather than sales talk - thanks in advance.



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exhausting to watch>> nope
fade after time>> after 20-30 thousand hours
fail after 5 yrs>> nope
don't work with Tivo>> they do

Best one to get is probably the Panasonic 42 inch or its rebranded version, the Toshiba. Should be able to get one for a fraction over £3000 now.

Your Sky digibox and Tivo will act as widescreen tuner and RGB outputting devices so no problems watching "ordinary" TV on the plasma.

If you have any specific questions, please post them. Using 'search' for these forums for plasma will reveal a whole host of information too, in order to save the same old questions coming up. All in all, I think most people with plasmas would encourage those who are teetering on getting one to take the plunge, because they really do move TVs on to an entirely new level.

Hope this helps


AJB thanks,

After much reading of threads and seeing a Panasonic 37inch plasma it seems that the Panasonic it will have to be....

EmpireDirect are quoting a TH42PWD4BC - please can anyone confirm details on this model, ie connections, what comes with it etc...

Anyone suggest the best way to go for off air digital so I can receive widescreen pics while recording other Sky chan with Tivo... ie a suitable off air digi box... Jones of Oakwood in leeds don't recommend the new Pace digibox... because it has a fixed output cable...

Also, I intend to replace my TV with the plasma - we usually have the TV on 6 hours a night - any problems with that?

Finally can anyone suggest the best place to view a 42inch Panny plasma in the Leeds/West Yorkshire area, thanks....

Finally can anyone suggest the best place to view a 42inch Panny plasma in the Leeds/West Yorkshire area

Empire Direct Bradford have about 10 on display and you can play around with them till your hearts content

Currys at Birstall near showcase cinema have 3 models

Audiovision in Brighouse have about 4 models on display

and just around the corner from Audiovision is another shop with High end TV.s and other goodies. cant remember its name though


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I have the Panasonic TH42PWD4B with the BNC terminal board and the pictures are first class.
It inputs are Component,S-Video,VGA and Composite.
If you really want to buy one I would talk to Joe at the media factory who was very helpful regarding any questions I had about connecting my eqiupment to it.
As for the 6 hours a day I believe the average life of a Plasma is somewhere between 20,000 to 30,000 hours so I'll leave you to work that one out.
Hope this helps.


Right, I've seen the 42in Panny and it looks great...

The S-Video from the DVD on test was more grainy and less sharp than the RGB output but otherwise all OK.

One extra question... I will need to watch the odd programme in 4:3 (older recordings and some DVDs) cos I don't like the stretched image - how serious is the burn in problem, has anyone experienced any after image using 4:3 format. Would I be OK watching a 4:3 picture for say, an hour, and then reverting to wide.


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The odd program in 4:3 should be fine. These new panels are much better than the older ones at avoiding screen burn, but most of the time, it's just common sense. Watching 4:3 for an hour should not cause any long term problems. You could try JUST mode on the Panny, it does a pretty good job of keeping the image aspect correct while filling the screen.

Likewise, watching too many letterbox 2.35:1 movies will potentially cause the same problem. Lower you contrast and brightness levels for your input source, don't watch too much Sky (logo hell), and you should be ok.


Many thanks to you guys that took time to reply and thanks also for all the info in other discussions...

Panansonic 42in black Plasma - taking home tonight....

JS Tech convertors order sent...

IEC distribution blocks, bits & bobs ordered from CPC...

Just to decide what to stand the damn thing on now!

(oh and to decide how to pay the card off!!)....

Hi r22flyer

Did you buy your plasma from Empire Direct in Bradford today,
I called in for a nosy this afternoon, and "Bill" The sales man told me he had sold a charcoal coloured 42"

he said the Customer wanted to see it hooked via Component so he tells me he hooked it up for him

was that you LOL


Party Animal..

Ha, twas me alright....

I must admit they have been very helpful on both my visits.... today's salesman (didn't catch his name) was very good, knew his stuff, left me alone to play, and no bull **** ... got it for the EmpireDirect price...

Anyone in the market for a big 34in 4:3 Sony KVS3432U TV...????

Ha, twas me alright

Hi again
Yeah that sales man is ok I often call in and pick his brains on the latest av gear etc

he does know his stuff, did you take out the 5 year warranty they offer,

I have a Plasma ordered as well but from a different dealer

the wall mount arrived today so I have a week or 2 to wait for the actual panel to show up now

Bill mentioned that you got the pedastal stand with yours


I went to the empire store after getting the direct quote to see the 50 inch panny before buying (i was told it was set up) when i got there it wasent and I asked the sales guy if i could see it he said He would only set it up for me if i would gurantee i would buy it today and not at the direct price......I walked would never walk in the place again.

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