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I've got a new plasma tv on order (my Loewe CRT tv blew after just 3 years!). I want to wall mount it and there is only one wall where I can hang it. However, underneath the intended location for the screen, there is a power socket, which will come in useful to power the tv, but obviously the ring cables run down the wall (i.e. within the wall) and will pass behind where the screen will eventually be hung. Apart from the obvious, like detecting and marking the cables to avoid with the mounting screws, is there a possibility that the electric field generated by the power cables might cause interference on the screen, or is the technology not affected in such a way?
Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Well in general the electromagnetic filed of a 50Hz power cable falls of very quickly with distance. Having said that if you have another high power devices connected to the same cable, these devices might cause other harmonics to be flowing down the cable which have a higher propagation distance, (the plasma is no problem in this respect because it has an inbuilt PFC). If you where to have any kind of problem at all (probably unlikely) it would most likely be a very slight buzz on the sound.

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