Plasma TV above Radiator ?


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I want to buy a new TV to replace my Sony CRT. My budget, including 5 year guarantee is £1000. To be used for watching sport, wildlife documentaries, iplayer, streaming from PC. will not be used for gaming or 3D. I will need to be placed above a radiator. I have spoken to a couple of Sony dealers who confirm it will be ok to place a Sony LCD above a radiator. Is it ok to place a plasma above a radiator ?


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How close are we talking?
Plamsas give off a lot of heat all by themselves, so i would be a bit cautious. But depending on the height above, it should be OK


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Some plasmas, such as my GT30, have cooling fans which can be audible sometimes when you're watching quiet scenes. As the ambient temperature above a radiator is likely to be higher than elsewhere in the room, you might find that that any fans are noisier.

This may or may not be an issue for you, but it's something to bear in mind.


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I've put a full length shelf over my radiator... That pushes the heat screen-side of the TV. The radiator has no effect on the TV, in fact the wall is cold to touch, even with the tv on.

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