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Plasma too high or not?


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ok thinking of puting my panny 42 inch plasma on the wall above the fire place what i need to no is that the top of the screen would be 5ft 10 ins from floor and th bottom of screen would be 47 inches from floor would this be a any good for viewing or u think it might be to high


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just looking around on here iv seen a few that are about the same can any one who has done an install like this please give me some advise please


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It depends how far your are sitting. We sit around 5.5 meters away from the 50 inch and I ended up moving the bracket down by 10cm to get the bottom of screen at just over 1 meter. (40 inch). It was at 120cm and it just felt a little to high.

It is personal thing I think , some people have at 120cm (the average hight on top the fireplace) and it works ok for them. Sometimes you have no choice, (SHWMBO "Yes dear you can have big telly , BUT I WANT new fireplace :rotfl:) I only got out that one due to technical problems with gas :D


I would say thats too high. Mine currently sits at about 5' 8" and I feel its too high on the wall. I looked at my christmas pics and everyones looking up in the air. Not so bad when your slouched but it definitely needs to come down to eye height which is what I am going to do when I decorate.

I have had it up that high for about a year now and the more I watch tv the more I feel it needs to come down.


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Ours is up high as we're planning on putting our existing sofa underneath it to give us some more seating space.

Not had any problems watching TV although we do tend to slouch and laze around:



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Mine is up high, but we sit quite a distance from it so it's not a problem, but I do plan on lowering it a bit, only by 6 inches or so.



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thanks guys ive had a idea so i can get it a bit lower gona take the top off the fire place and see what it looks like i will post some pics later i no it sounds weired but cant explain without showing


I will try this in Plasma's for you :cool:


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Most installers recommend between 700 and 900mm off the floor to the bottom of the screen. I have 50 inch plasma, and i sit a little over 4m away. The bottom of my screen is about 850mm off the floor. Perfect-a-mundo ! :thumbsup: Some folks have put them high up above frieplaces, but it's not for me, as long as they're happy, then fine then it's nowt to do with me and i don't think it's ideal personally.

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