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We're redecorating the lounge so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade the TV. Our current TV is a 60" Kuro and I'm looking for 65" OLED/QLED minimum.

In the day the room is bright but no direct sun on the TV. At night the room can be pitch black.

Viewing angles are pretty much straight on, I sit absolutely dead centre about 10-12 foot away with the missus sat a 2-3 feet away on the same sofa.

The room will be used for Sky Q and Netflix. A lot of sports (mainly football) and no gaming.

I was looking at the LG 65C9 but I'm thinking whether to go bigger than 65" as the step-up from 60" to 65" isn't that big.

Are there any 70-77" TVs worth considering that aren't astronomical?

Looking to spend up to £3000 and had shortlisted the LG 65C9 as that can be had for around £2000.


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While the C9 is a good TV, I think the E9 is better and more likely to get a good OLED panel (but that is all speculation). From my research and experience, the Panasonic GZ950 is a fantastic TV. The Sony AG9 is also good but did not impress me. I have never looked bigger than 65" as that was a step up for me and the cost is way to high for me - there is a 77" C9 or AG9 for £7k.

You should demo a few at a store like JL if possible. There is loads of info in the threads for each of the above TVs here but don't be put off by some niggles as we are a picky bunch here :)


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I think if I'm going more towards the £3k mark I'd definitely want something bigger than 65".

I'll have a look into the Panasonic you've mentioned.


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As I have written elsewhere I would avoid the LG OLED TV if you plan to use browser or watch a lot of sports. Fixed icons like search bars, sports score boxes, web address will permanently burn in the screen. If you wish, I’d be happy to send you actual photos of the damage to TVs less than 2 years old. Don’t know much about OLED from other manufacturers but I would read lower rating comments carefully. Good luck.

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