Plasma - To be or not to be?


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Hi all, thinking of getting a Plasma and have a few questions, they may be answered with a quick search but there is no such thing as a quick search on here as this forum is massive :smashin:

I have settled on this Plasma, the Samsung PS43D450 as i have read its pretty much unbeatable for the price.

My questions are.

I still have SD Sky via scart, i know this tech is dinosaur now but is the picture likely to be as degraded as when connecting to some LCD's via scart?

Any recommendations for a sub £100 Blu Ray player to compliment the TV?

Is burn in a thing of the past or is it something to be worried about? A lot of tv channels now especially on sky use a stupid image in the corner to tell you what channel you are on :rolleyes: so i don't want it burnt in, it used to ruin the thought of a plasma for me.

Do they need calibration or can you work with peoples stock settings on here? The thought of paying £200+ to calibrate a £300 TV would make me feel a bit ill.

Lastly, is the Sammy a good buy? Personally i love them, i own two LE32C530's and they are awesome but Plasma is very different tech.

Thanks all :)
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I've seen this telly in my gaff and for the money, it really is excellent.
Red is way too strong for my liking, but you can get a very presentable pic out of it, imo.
Unfortunately, I never got to see it in SD, as my only viewing was via my Virgin V+ box which outputs at 1080i.
From what I saw, I don't have any reason to think SD would be particularly bad, but I can't confirm that.

As for a BD player, I've just bought a Panny BD75.
That does a decent job, but I'm not convinced it would be better than a real cheapy Asda type player.
Depends on the features and quality you want, imo.

As for burn, I don't think that'd be a problem at all.
Image retention might be another thing, but I never saw a hint of it in the (admittedly short) time I saw it.
Even then IR is only temporary.

Whilst I thought this telly would definitely benefit from an expert calibration, you can't justify the cost when the telly is only around the £300 mark, imo.

My advice there, would be to ask around on the calibration forum, if there are any budding calibrators who are learning and want to have a go at a telly.
You can always reset things if anything goes wrong :smashin:

Is it a good buy?
Yes, big time imo and I'd take one over an LCD anyday.
But then, I am biased towards Plasma :D


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Thank you for the reply mate, just had to type the whole message out again because safari crapped out on me on the ipad :(

As i understand it, the SD freeview is very good but as we have Sky + on an old JVC CRT we would like to use that until we upgrade to HD.

I am guessing the Sammy will be much better than the CRT but on the other hand, CRT and Scart are both old tech, and thus, go hand in hand with each other.

As long as i am going to get a nice, sharp picture through scart for the time being i'll buy one tomorrow, £329 for is decent money for a HD ready 32" LCD let alone a 43" Plasma.

RE the calibration, i really didn't realise until i read up that it uses specialist equipment, i always thought it involved a bloke coming around and playing with settings i can't be bothered to play with :D


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I'm not sure why you knock CRT :confused:
On average it walks all over any other tech, picture-wise.
Which is to be expected, given it's donkey's years head start.

But I guess you're talking about the HD side of things.

As for calibration, yes, it requires proper kit and the likes of ISF involves money for the training, hence the cost.

Would you really consider paying £200 for someone to merely play with the settings?
If so, I'll mess around all day for a ton and the petrol for the car :laugh:

I'm only joking.
The telly doesn't have a good enough CMS, to justify a proper ISF type calibration (from the little I know about it), but I would think anyone with a colourimeter (and the required knowledge to use it) could improve it big time.

Absolute best advice is go and have a look for yourself, to see what you think :)
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