Plasma tech question


Alan D

I am thinking about a plasma - but have a question about resolution. The model I have been looking at - like many - has a stated resolution of 852 x 480. Does this mean that for best quality you need to play NTSC discs (480 lines), rather than PAL (576 lines)??
Is anything above 480 lines some sort of "interpolation"?
I ask this as I don't have any plans to invest heavily in Region 1 DVDs, having built up a collection of Region 2.


Well they all have to interpolate horizontally, as video 'pixels are not even square, so really it makes little difference. What you need is a screen that scales well, or an external scaler, a good source for the video, and good interconnects. Ignoring any of this even if you are viewing a region 1 disc, will result in loss of quality. The 'problem' is that you will see loss of quality much more easily on the bigger screen. They're all pretty good though, and will show up a less good DVD player.
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