Plasma suitable for console game playing? (question on burn-in of part static images)

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by hanni, Aug 25, 2005.

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    I'm looking to buy a 42" plasma screen for watching DVD's/Cable Tv. I have searched a fair bit around the internet about static images burning into the screen, which worries me because I would also be intending to play a fair amount of console games.

    My question would be, how susceptible to burn-in are newer plasma screens on the market? I have read a wide range of similar q&a on this subject with many answers. I also appreciate the fact that during the first couple of hundred hours of usage, this is the most likely time that burn-in can occur, and you should follow manufacturers usage guide during this period.

    I read on the Panasonic web-site that their new panels have as much chance of burn-in as a regular standard CRT television. Is there any truth to this?

    If there is a viable choice out there, and taking into consideration i have a budget of around £2000-2500 max (£1500ish would be better but I can stretch), could anyone give me some recommendations on what paticular make/model to check out and research.

    Thanks much in advance
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    Panasonic's claims have a certain amount of truth to them, it's widely considered in professional circles that they are the most burn proof. Personally I have never seen a burnt Panasonic, not ever, but I have seen most other makes. All except Panasonic and Fujitsu in fact, bearing in mind there are actually only 5 makers of plasma glass in the world, all others are re-badged and re-circuited. Panasonic, Pioneer, Hitachi LG and Samsung are the 5. What to recommend comes down to what other kit you have, whether it will be stand or wall mounted, whether you need a total TV package or if you'd be more than happy to use your surround system for all audio. For £2.5k you could certainly have a Panasonic based system with 5.1 surround, high quality picture and all video switched simply by an AV amplifier. Any thoughts on that? This requires some thought on system design, but will perform best, and is easily upgraded bit by bit. Obviously a stand alone TV is very simple, plug and play, but tends to be bulkier and not perform as well.

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