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    hi, decided to lose the fire and surround, and drop my plasma, and sink my centre speaker into the wall.

    will the speaker work..? (correctly - no boom), and also, any ideas on cabling.

    i've knocked out, and made the correct opening (width) for the speaker, but have yet to seal the chimney, so on sitting on a makeshift ledge, is booming a little (also, the depth of the opening has yet to be reduced and below has yet to be built up from below)

    has anyone else done this..?

    also, have run some 50mm dia tubing for cables from the bracket so that cables run inside chimney, but am struggling, without doing some major builing work to get them under the floor, so, was wondering if theres any special skirting available, as my only alernative would be to have a sort of plinth with skirting on the front, so i can remove to acces cables at floor level, sorry for not including any photo's, no digi cam here.....

    thanks for any help in advance, i look forward to hearing your advice

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