Plasma - Should I buy or wait?


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OK so I really want a new TV as I currently have a rear projection TV. I want a plasma as they are slimmer and look nicer than DLP or normal CRT.

Only issue is I have bought Denon amp 3805 and DVD 3910 which supports HD kit. I just don't know whether I should get a new TV or wait. I really want a new one as the picture on some of the Panasonic to mention just one make are great. Also I love the idea of picture within picture so that I can have my e-mail up whilst watching whatever I like (maybe?)

Can someone list the DLP, CRT, LCD and plasmas that are for definate HD ready and approx prices.

What do you all think, should I go for it and not worry as HD is miles away or should I wait and keep the one I have for a while. If Sky is not going to start their broadcasting till 2006 TV's at good prices wont be available till 2007/8.

I am at a cross roads and really struggling could do with some help, don't want to waste my money as there is allot of scaremongering getting to me. However I also love the look of the current range of plasmas.

Please help



A quick search for HD compatible should lead to a wealth of material, obviously it's the hot topic. The list is very short and full of caveats and optional extras. However, the big one of those extras, a digital video scaler, is likely to remain vital equipment for the serious minded AV enthusiast for some time to come as it will seem like a lifetime before everything you want to watch is in HD format. So buying a screen like that might not seem so foolish after all.


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I've got the 3805, 3910, Panny PHD7 plus Lumagen DVI here - about as future proof as you can get whilst getting the very best from standard def. O.K. far from cheap but I tell the missus that I have to be able to demo the latest kit :D :D

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