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michael shelley

I was not even sure how to title this thread but I will try and describe what I am looking for and hope someone can help. There must be something to fit on the market. I have an a/v receiver and its quite limited in that it only takes s-video and a single component input and won't mix and match the outputs

I am looking for a set top box similar to that which the high end pioneers use so that i can wallmount my plasma and have one feed going into it (and only have to channel one cable in the wall). My set top box will take all the inputs and output to my nice big plasma.

It will need to take DVI (MCE PC), Scart x 2 and HDMI (s-video and a single RCA jack component input would be optional) as inputs. At the moment I am not fussed about encrypted HD format.

It will then need to output to either one of the following which would in turn input in to the Plasma. I am not sure which one of these would be best:
1. 5 x BNC RGB terminals (RGB - Y, CB/PB and CR/PR plus horizontal and vertical syncs)
2. 3 x RGB RCA jacks (Y, CB/PB and CR/PR)

The plasma is an old(ish) Pioneer PDP-501MX (50in). It supports HD in that it has a resolution of 1280x768 but it precedes the HDMI socket format - hence the RGB inputs

grateful for any help - cheers

Joe Fernand

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Hello michael shelley

Two options:

A. Add and external Video Processor up-stream of the PDP-501MXE; the Processor wont include a Tuner of any sort you simply add a Tuner/STB to the list of Sources you plug into the Video Processor.

If you want something that can switch both your Video and audio signals your looking at approx 1,100.00 GBP - see

B. Purchase a New HD Ready Display!

Best regards

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